Salesman Tracking and Automation app for AO Smith

September 14, 2022

The client, a leading consumer electronics brand, had the following requirements:

  • To capture daily attendance of all in-store demonstrators (ISDs) and use it for pay-rolling
  • To capture device sale information from multi-brand stores
  • To ensure fool proof data capture through GPS tagging and timestamp
  • To represent the data collected through interactive charts and dashboards


We deployed Assistive, our in-house mobile based field force automation solution, to fulfil client’s requirements. The key activities in project execution were as follows:

  • The requirements were gathered through extensive market working to ensure user acceptance
  • The ISDs were trained on the solution through classroom sessions across the country which included a walk-through of the entire app.
  • User activity was closely monitored to address usability issues and constraints quickly ensuring rapid adoption of the system.
  • Standard reports were deployed initially. Customised reports were developed after gathering requirements post launch of the app.


Assistive successfully met all the requirements of the client and the key highlights were as follows:

  • The system was quickly adopted across the country and all the required processes were digitized.
  • This led to automation of lot of daily tasks of the salesmen freeing them up to focus more on sales.
  • The activity of the salesmen was monitored and analyzed leading to optimal sales strategies.