4 Benefits of Tracking Locations of Field Force

September 13, 2022

Sales CRM software and field force automation have become integral parts of any sales strategy, especially with the rise of mobile CRM tools. One of the most controversial features of these tools is location tracking. However, in this post, we will discuss how location tracking can be beneficial for both sales employees and the organization, and why it should be part of any monitoring system.

PJP Compliance and Data Accuracy

Location tracking ensures that the data being reported through the tool is accurate and that the field force is complying with the Permanent Journey Plan (PJP) created in the system. This benefits the organization by ensuring that the field force is actually visiting the places they are supposed to visit and the data being reported is being collected from where it is supposed to be collected. While this feature is often met with resistance from the field force, it is necessary to differentiate between a sincere employee who is doing everything they are supposed to do and a dishonest employee who is gaming the system.

Knowledge Transfer

Location tracking and navigation enable any new employee to easily figure out the exact locations of outlets, eliminating the need for a supervisor or old employee to accompany them. This is especially useful in cases where temporary staff is being deployed to cover for leaves and absence. With location tracking, there is zero chance of missing out on an outlet, and new employees can quickly identify all outlets.

Gap Analysis Through Map-Based Reports

Location data collected through tracking can also aid in delivering actionable insights. Heat maps can be created in a dashboard which highlights the areas where transactions are taking place or campaigns are being executed. By going through the heat maps, gaps in execution can be quickly identified, resulting in truly actionable reports which can aid the field force to plug the gaps and deliver results.

Ease of Claim Processing

Location tracking also results in reports which can be built on such data. One such report is the calculation of total distance travelled by an employee. Through the report, extracting someone’s total distance travelled in a day/week/month is very easy and is already authenticated. Claims can be processed based on the validated report and credited to individual employees in much shorter cycles.

In conclusion, location tracking offers valuable benefits and should be part of the monitoring of any field force. Assistive, a leading sales CRM software, has developed its location tracking feature to superior levels. To know more about other features of Assistive or to request a demo, please click here.