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Expanding your customer base is the key to growth in any organization. However, finding new customers is not always easy. They may be located in a retail store, in offices, and other offline or online platforms, beyond the traditional places. Through a Direct to Consumer (D2C) CRM, organizations can tap into new customers and growth opportunities to keep their business trajectory on the rise. Assistive’s end-to-end D2C CRM software uses intelligent assists and a rich feature set to find new customers, keep them engaged and ensure more prospects reach the end of the sales funnel.






D2C Sales
Integrated Lead Management image

Integrated Lead Management System

Juggling multiple leads in a sales pipeline and yet ensuring zero wastage is one of the most crucial tasks of an effective D2C sales CRM process. Assistive’s intelligent lead management feature captures opportunities across all sources and platforms of online (Inbound, social, search, email etc.) or offline (outbound, lead providers, referrals etc.) and assigns them into intelligent or rule based funnels to ensure the right sales representative works on them to achieve the highest conversion. Use Assistive D2C CRM to effectively manage the entire Lead Lifecycle in your D2C sales customer journey.

Funnel Management Assists with D2C CRM Software

Lead generation is often one of the most expensive components of a D2C company’s CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost). However, when sales representatives have to juggle dozens of active leads at one go, promising leads often get ignored. Assistive’s Funnel Management Assists work to ensure that the most promising D2C Sales leads never miss the required attention to maximize the CAC denominator and ROI.

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Sales Representative Productivity Management

D2C Sales Representative Productivity Management

Sales representatives  are required to spend most of their work day on data management & reporting rather than customer interaction. Assistive CRM's intuitive and effortless productivity management feature ensures that your D2C sales teams is free from endless hours of data input and activity planning. Our D2C CRM app provide managers real-time and transparent insights about sales representative productivity.

Automated Communication With D2C CRM Software

Assistive D2C sales CRM software offers configurable communication workflows to ensure customers, managers and other stakeholders get timely and relevant communications without the overhead of manual work. This helps stakeholders stay engaged, move D2C sales funnel faster and close more deals through timely insights. Assistive can communicate through multiple channels such as notifications, email, WhatsApp, IVR calls and seamlessly integrates to automatically communicate with other enterprise systems. Automated Communication can significantly fast-track closure of your D2C Sales funnel.

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Delivering Exceptional Value

Customers Speak

Assistive’s is one of the best CRM software for field teams. It helps us collect data from over 100 field salespeople across the Gulf region and send instant analytical reports. When we walk into the office in the morning, the automatic sales reports are already waiting in our mailbox. This innovative CRM software has helped us win many clients and is a deal breaker.

Christian Gibbons
General Manager, Tad Network
Christian Gibbons

Thanks to Assistive CRM software, we have managed to automate our manual sales process across Asia and Australia into a mobility-based solution, with details of every account over the cloud. Key account managers can see results, any time, across the region. This has helped us to improve our digital transformation and improve sales capabilities.

Anita Hemrajani
Associate Director, Pernod Ricard Asia
Anita Hemrajani

Assistive CRM software has made a huge impact on our sales reports, making it easy to track number of customer visits with realistic numbers. The support has been excellent. I am glad to be working with the right partner who understands our requirements. We have never come across a situation when the Assistive team has said No, or that it is not possible to any challenge we throw at them.

Mario Gibson Nadar
Manager – Training, Sugar Cosmetics
Mario Gibson Nadar

Before Assistive CRM software, we evaluated many sales CRM apps and choose them over the others for the innumerable configuration options that meet our business requirements. It is now very easy for us to manage field sales operations in a simple click. We are delighted that we choose the right partner for our field sales CRM needs.

Umesh Nimbalkar
Retail Operations Manager, Parijat Industries
Umesh Nimbalkar

We faced several challenges with the earlier B2B CRM tool that we used using both in service and modifications. We wanted multiple options as we did not want a standardized application and our requirements have always been changing. Assistive is the best B2B CRM software for lead management that gave us the flexibility and speed we wanted. During our assessment, we received positive feedback about the team and their service levels and it continues with every interaction.

Parameswaran Radhakrishnan
Team Lead – Business & Market, Geocycle
Parameswaran Radhakrishnan

Prior to Assistive : CRM software, we were using a globally renowned CRM solution but we were not happy with its performance. Assistive’s rich functionality and endless configurability options met our business requirements perfectly. It made CRM implementation in Ambuja Cement the fastest ever, creating a new milestone company wide.

Ashok Dhawas
General Manager-Digital, Ambuja Cements
Ashok Dhawas

Prior to Assistive CRM, we were using a well-known B2B CRM tool in flexibility but the localization required for the Indian market was very limited. We evaluated multiple field CRM solutions and choose Assistive for its well established and stable CRM tools. We faced no issue during transition. The process was seamless and very fast.

Shekhar Kadam
Head – Commercial Excellence, ACC Limited
Shekhar Kadam

Assistive is one of the best B2B and B2C CRM tool whose solution has been key to bring reality to our vision of getting a complete insight of our field sales execution. It has been a great tool to manage distribution, merchandising and loyalty projects for our high profile clients. The support of the team and their availability for suggesting approaches for better project management has been amazing.

Karima Baddag
Digital Solutions Manager, Sales Uplift
Karima Baddag