Best Practices to Select the Right CRM for High Velocity B2B Sales

February 24, 2023

Are you a B2B startup or enterprise who wants to increase sales? Then, a B2B sales CRM is a must for you. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential tool for managing sales in any business, and it is particularly important for high velocity B2B sales. High velocity sales refer to a sales process where the goal is to close many deals in a short amount of time. B2B sales refer to business-to-business sales where the customers are other businesses.

Why Your B2B Business Need a Sales CRM?

Each business requires a strategy to boost their revenue. Meeting revenue goals, hitting sales targets, business objectives and taking business to the next level needs a strategy. All this can be achieved through a sales CRM.  

An intelligent sales CRM can assist business to have the right overview of their customers. Additionally, sales reps can monitor all crucial sales data in a dashboard which can assist to analyze data and have complete information of sales pipeline.

A field CRM tool can let you manage, monitor and check the whole sales funnel across multiple channels without having you lose any deals.

Things to Consider while Choosing a B2B Sales CRM

Nowadays, there are multiple CRM companies so choosing the right CRM for your B2B business is a tough task.

Here are some key considerations when choosing a CRM for high velocity B2B sales:


High velocity sales require a lot of activity, so automation is critical to avoid overwhelming sales teams with manual work. Look for a CRM that offers automation of tasks such as lead generation, follow-ups, and appointment scheduling.


The B2B sales CRM should integrate with other tools and systems that are essential for high velocity B2B sales, such as customer support software.


Every high velocity B2B sales team is different, so it is crucial to have a CRM that can be customized to meet your team's unique needs. Look for a CRM that allows you to create custom fields, workflows, and reports.

Mobile Accessibility

In high velocity sales, salespeople need to be able to access their CRM on-the-go. Choose a CRM that has a mobile app or is mobile-responsive so that salespeople can update customer information and manage their sales pipeline from their smartphone or tablet.


The CRM should provide real-time reporting on the metrics that matter most in high velocity B2B sales, such as conversion rates, pipeline velocity, and deal sizes.


As your high velocity B2B sales team grows, the CRM should be able to scale your business without sacrificing performance or functionality.

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List of Some Popular High Velocity B2B Sales CRM

Some popular B2B sales CRMs that are well-suited for high velocity B2B sales include Salesforce, Assistive, HubSpot and Pipedrive. Ultimately, the best CRM for your business will depend on your unique business needs. Therefore, be sure to evaluate your options carefully before making a final decision.


Undoubtedly, B2B CRM plays an important role in every business whether it is a B2B or D2C. No matter what your company size is, it is a great idea to know about your business requirements with your budget to find the viable solution for your B2B business.