Maximizing Efficiency: A Comprehensive Look at How Sales Force Tracking Apps Can Help You Enhance Customer Experience

May 24, 2023

Striking a Balance Between Monitoring and Empowering Sales Reps

Sales force teams play a crucial role in promoting and selling products for businesses. However, managing and tracking their activities, particularly in remote locations, can be challenging. To address this challenge, many companies have implemented sales force tracking apps. While these apps have helped to track the location and work hours of sales reps, they may not fully address all the critical business challenges faced by companies in managing their sales force teams.

How Most Sales Force Tracking Apps Work?

Sales force tracking apps typically offer features such as live tracking, GPS location, journey plotting, and attendance tracking. Essentially, the company can monitor the whereabouts of the salesperson and determine whether they are working in the field or not. However, excessive monitoring can lead to reduced morale, lack of trust in management, and strained relationships between sales reps and the company.

It's About Sales Tracking, Not Just Sales Force Tracking: A Holistic Approach with Assistive CRM

To increase sales, a holistic approach is needed that involves solving problems beyond just monitoring sales force activities. This approach involves using assistive CRM to address the following challenges:

Discipline of Large-Scale Field Execution

For enterprises or large finance companies with a wide web of sales teams working on the ground, discipline is crucial. Assistive CRM allows managers to view the activities of each sales rep and execute the beat schedule plan efficiently.

Sales Force Tracking for Output Performance

Measuring output performance is essential as it allows businesses to track progress towards goals, such as increasing overall sales per person or sales for flagship products. By creating a scorecard based on these goals, businesses can measure and improve their output performance. This allows the sales force tracking app to push sales through sales reps. Sales data helps analyze the performance of each sales member, and the sales manager can track output performance in each territory and take necessary actions.

Striking a Balance Between Monitoring and Empowering Sales Reps

While sales force tracking apps can help with journey plan adherence, it's important to strike a balance between monitoring and empowering sales reps to achieve the company's sales goals. By using assistive CRM, businesses can not only track sales force activities but also improve output performance and empower sales reps to achieve sales goals.  

Improving Sales Performance with Effective Field Force Tracking and Customer Performance Monitoring

Achieving desired sales output requires a focus on both input and output performance. This involves monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) such as product range and ticket size of distribution of certain SKUs. By listing these KPIs and applying them to the entire sales team, businesses can ensure that their sales reps are updated with the necessary information. Our mobile sales app or sales force tracking app can help businesses track input performance effectively.

Tracking the performance of customers is just as important as tracking the performance of the sales team. In consumer goods or FMCG sales, where there are a large number of micro-accounts such as retail outlets, it's crucial to have an effective method of monitoring customer performance. This allows businesses to focus on high-potential customers who can initiate the sales process and make accurate sales forecasts. Our sales tracking software, Assistive CRM, is a unique CRM solution that keeps customers valued and helps businesses track customer performance effectively.


A sales force tracking app that only tracks location and attendance isn't enough to increase sales. Effective field force tracking and customer performance monitoring are necessary to improve sales performance. By measuring productivity through a salesmen tracking app and considering sales behavior in the analysis, businesses can take action to enhance sales performance accurately. Assistive CRM is a holistic solution that considers all these features compact in a sales tracking app. If your business needs to make your sales teams more productive and grow your business, request a demo today.