Increase Your Sales Productivity: Tips to Close More Deals

September 7, 2023

Are you struggling to drive sales productivity for your business? Do you feel like your sales process is inconsistent and not delivering the results you want? If so, you need to adopt a sales productivity strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

In today's competitive business landscape, achieving bigger sales targets is a priority for many businesses. However, a key factor that is often overlooked is sales productivity. The productivity of your sales representatives plays a crucial role in the success of your enterprise, regardless of its size or industry.

In this post, we outline some tips to help you increase sales productivity and close more deals.

Why Measure Sales Productivity?

Relying solely on your team's deal-closing rate is not enough to gauge business growth. It is essential to measure how efficiently your sales team achieves their goals. When repetitive and time-consuming tasks enter the sales cycle, the overall productivity of your sales team suffers, putting your revenue at risk.

Maximizing productivity can significantly impact your bottom line. This blog explores the most effective ways to increase productivity by utilizing time in the most impactful way. Furthermore, it highlights the role of an effective customer relationship management (CRM) system in optimizing productivity levels.

Understanding Sales Productivity

Despite their best efforts, only 24.3% of sales representatives exceed their sales targets. This can be directly attributed to sales productivity, which measures how quickly your team members achieve their goals. Like any other measure of productivity, sales productivity is determined by comparing the results produced with the resources utilized.

In simple terms, sales productivity is the ratio of closed sales to the amount of effort invested in making those sales. Sales representatives face numerous challenges before seeing results. From difficult prospects to the stress of meeting targets, most salespeople ask themselves one crucial question: How can I increase sales productivity?

While the answer may vary for each sales representative, one common mistake is allowing unnecessary and time-consuming tasks to infiltrate their workflow. As a result, they have little time to genuinely engage with their customers, leading to decreased sales productivity and a decline in overall sales.

The Role of Sales Productivity Applications

To maximize productivity, it is crucial to incorporate sales productivity applications into your workflow. These tools eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, freeing up salespeople to focus on building meaningful connections with prospects.

One such tool is a customer relationship management (CRM) software, which offers a range of benefits. Sales representatives often have limited time to engage with prospects, with only one-third of their day available for direct communication. The rest is dedicated to administrative tasks, such as data entry and research. A sales productivity software handles these tasks, ensuring salespeople can dedicate more time to building relationships.

A CRM system helps you stay on top of your sales pipeline, enabling you to take prompt action and prevent deals from falling through the cracks. By overcoming productivity challenges, you can achieve better results with the right technology. A CRM solution enhances the organization and utilization of data, ensuring you can access the right information at the right time.

Aside from data management, a sales CRM can do so much more for your business, including:

  • Measuring relevant key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Creating and assigning goals for your team
  • Automating administrative tasks
  • Enhancing your organization's workflow
  • Personalizing interactions with prospects and customers
  • Tracking the individual performance of team members

What is the Best Sales Productivity Strategy?

To maximize productivity, your sales team should focus on the right metrics. Some of the best sales productivity metrics to track include time spent selling, closed revenue, win rate, and customer response time.

Moreover, your sales productivity strategy should:

  • Align with your business objectives
  • Include automation to save time and effort
  • Have a plan for driving sales
  • Be updated with time
  • Include training and retraining for sales representatives
  • Be uncomplicated and easy to repeat
  • Embrace technology to improve productivity further

How to Improve Your Sales Productivity?

Here are some tips to help you improve your sales productivity:

  1. Use the Right Technology: Adopting the right sales tools can streamline your sales operations and increase productivity. Tools such as CRM can eliminate unnecessary steps, automate processes, and help sales representatives make the most out of their time.
  1. Establish a Consistent Workflow: Clearly define every stage of your sales process to improve the productivity of employees. Having a repeatable process is one of the fastest ways to increase sales. In order to support salespeople in overcoming various obstacles during the sales process, it is essential to offer comprehensive documentation and guidelines.
  1. Set Realistic Goals: To increase salesman productivity, set realistic targets, and be clear about what you wish to accomplish. Setting specific performance metrics is crucial for monitoring the progress of your sales activities.
  1. Prospect Leads Effectively: If you wish to increase sales team productivity, make sure you are devoting your time and attention to qualified prospects that are more likely to convert into customers.
  1. Offer Sales Training: Sales training is imperative to enable your team to deliver more consistent results. To effectively maximize sales, it is important to provide training to representatives on utilizing top-selling strategies and engaging prospects with a well-timed and compelling pitch. This training should not just be limited to onboarding and should be an ongoing process.
  1. Keep Up with Change: Reevaluating and refreshing your sales productivity strategy is required to drive sales performance. Upgrading your workflow and sales processes with time is imperative for improving productivity and performance.
  1. Optimize Email Interactions: Being precise, resourceful, and upfront in your emails can save time for your business as well as the prospects. Please provide a clear definition of the purpose you aim to achieve with the personalized emails.

How Does CRM Improve Sales Productivity?

Integrating CRM into your sales process can strengthen your team’s productivity by making important information accessible at the right time. CRM can help you align sales processes to achieve better results. Rewritten: Additionally, it can assist sales representatives in determining the optimal moment to contact potential clients, thus improving the chances of completing more sales.

Time Management

CRM software can store all important information in one place so that sales representatives can find it easily, saving time and effort. A CRM system can perform various tasks that save time, like scheduling meetings, generating follow-up reminders, or automatically capturing contact data.


Automation of redundant tasks can help reduce the time that goes into manually entering or updating data. You can also generate automated reminders to prevent deals from slipping through the cracks.


By monitoring various sales productivity metrics, you can identify which stages you drop the most leads in and how close you are to achieving your sales targets. CRM can help you generate custom sales reports to monitor key metrics.


You can add custom data fields to make your contact profiles more comprehensive and relevant. CRM also allows you to customize the sales pipeline based on your sales cycle.


A CRM system can provide unified access to updated data in one place. It also becomes easy to take notes for each contact, communicate with team members, assign tasks to them, send group emails, track tickets, etc.

Rev Up Your Sales and Take Your Business to the Next Level

Do you want to achieve your business goals and maximize profits? Then, it is time to invest in a CRM system and get your sales productivity up and running! By harnessing the power of technology and staying on top of customer needs, you can streamline processes and accelerate your growth.

But, it's not just about the tools! To truly rev up your sales, you need to foster a winning mindset among your team. Show them the value of their work, recognize their achievements, and motivate them to aim higher. A positive work environment and a culture of recognition can transform your sales strategy and keep you ahead of the competition. So, let's gear up and drive towards success!