Maximize Sales Success with Strategic Field Management

August 2, 2023

Despite the rise of online sales, face-to-face interactions still play a significant role in driving revenue. In fact, reputable studies indicate that direct sales interactions contribute to a quarter of total sales. Yet, many field sales teams continue to rely on outdated methods of managing their activities, leading to missed opportunities and limited insights.  

Overcoming Workflow Challenges  

Field teams face various challenges in managing their workflow effectively. In order to make the most of every customer visit, sales teams need to maximize their number of visits while ensuring sufficient time is spent with each prospect. However, punctuality and transit difficulties often limit consecutive prospect meetings, resulting in conflicts and missed opportunities. Additionally, it can be a significant challenge to arrange meetings in a timely manner that meets all restrictions.  

Transforming with Strategic Beat Plans  

To overcome these limitations and inefficiencies, a new approach to field management is needed. Enter beat plans – a powerful solution for managing field visits with precision. By strategically combining adjacent stores in specific localities, beat plans enable sales teams to optimize their schedules and maximize store visits.  

Streamlining visitation flow becomes seamless with beat plans. Each plan encompasses a comprehensive trip to predetermined customer spots, allowing for optimal transit planning. With Assistive CRM, you can easily create individual beat plans that string together multiple stores or customer points. Each plan can be tailored with visit frequency, assigned sales personnel, specific responsibilities, and accompanying actions.  

By addressing these factors, you can develop an all-inclusive plan that efficiently manages customer visits. This approach enables the combination of multiple meetings and visits, resulting in enhanced store visibility.  

Consistency and Routine for Optimal Customer Engagement  

One of the key advantages of beat plans is the ability to establish a routine for customer visits. This routine ensures that each customer is visited the optimal number of times, ultimately maximizing revenue potential. By adopting a beat plan approach, sales teams can create separate plans based on customer geography or stock orders, assigning specific plans to the relevant employees.  

This systematic approach guarantees consistent visits to each selling point within a predetermined time frame. In a short amount of time, you can establish a comprehensive routine for managing your customer visitation plan. By organizing beat plans effectively, you can effectively reach and connect with a larger number of retail users.  

Efficient Communication with Integrated CRM  

Field teams frequently encounter challenges when it comes to communication while on the move. Common issues include mobile tower transfers, which often compromise clarity and reliability, as well as time-consuming phone conversations that hinder efficiency. However, embracing a Mobile CRM solution offers a streamlined approach to managing field operations.  

Through Assistive CRM, you can assign tasks, schedule meetings, and send necessary information related to client meetings with ease. The platform allows for the maintenance of detailed communication threads for each client interaction, saving valuable time in the field and minimizing potential errors.  

Conclusion: Unlock Your Sales Potential  

By implementing a CRM-based beat plan strategy, you can maximize customer engagement and increase order volume, driving the expansion of your business. With precise planning and efficient communication, you can ensure that your sales team reaches a greater number of customers, optimizing sales success. Embrace the power of strategic field management with beat plans and propel your business towards greater heights.