The Importance of Assistive Sales CRM Software for Sales Reps

July 27, 2023

The sales landscape has undergone a significant transformation in the wake of the pandemic, presenting both challenges and new opportunities for businesses. As sales representatives strive to adapt to this changing environment, it has become crucial for them to utilize a powerful CRM software like Assistive to enhance their day-to-day work.  

Field Sales vs. Inside Sales

Field sales representatives meet customers in person, while inside sales representatives sell remotely. The presence of inside sales teams is prevalent in today's B2B and SaaS companies.

Despite having unique tasks and roles, both field and inside sales reps work towards the same goal of making a sale and achieving their quotas. They want to foster customer relationships, offer great experiences, and strive to build trust. Some of their common responsibilities include demonstrating product offerings, answering queries, negotiating, preparing reports, and obtaining referrals.

None of these tasks can be completed effectively without a CRM tool. We recommend Assistive for the job. Below are the top ten reasons why both field and inside sales teams should use Assistive.

10 Reasons Why Sales Reps Need Assistive CRM Software

To execute these tasks effectively, sales reps need a CRM tool. And when it comes to choosing the ideal CRM, Assistive stands out as our top recommendation. Here are ten persuasive reasons why both field and inside sales teams should embrace Assistive:

  1. Work from anywhere: Assistive's mobile application empowers sales reps to act swiftly and efficiently, regardless of their location. Whether they are in the field or working remotely, Assistive enables them to understand customer needs, take necessary actions, and customize apps to perfectly align with their organization's requirements.
  1. Accurate data management: Assistive's Customer 360 provides an integrated system that eliminates data silos and ensures consistent customer data across the board. With universal customer IDs, all sales reps can access up-to-date and relevant customer information from a single, centralized system.
  1. Effortless account management: Both field and inside sales reps can easily access valuable details such as communication history, social media behavior, and past campaigns run by customers. This comprehensive and real-time information equips sales reps to close deals swiftly and reliably.
  1. More leads: Assistive CRM enables sales reps to track leads and rapidly convert them into customers. The activity timeline feature allows reps to stay updated on recent communications and contact information. Moreover, leads can be scored and assigned to reps based on pre-defined triggers, streamlining the lead management process.
  1. Improved team alignment: Assistive fosters effective teamwork by providing a social tool that eliminates the need for external communication channels. Sales reps can collaborate seamlessly using the social feed within Assistive, fostering better coordination and alignment with critical projects and activities across departments like marketing and customer success.
  1. Automated workflows: Assistive's workflow feature allows sales teams to customize their processes to align with specific business requirements. The automation of manual tasks and intelligent recommendations provided by Assistive empower sales reps to close deals faster, saving time and effort.
  1. Manageable reporting: Assistive's reporting feature empowers sales teams to create custom reports effortlessly using intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces. This enables better insights, data-driven decision-making, and improved visibility into sales performance.
  1. Sales performance: Assistive enables sales team leaders to accurately check their peer performance. They can track individual sales reps' performance and determine if they have met or exceeded their quotas. This insight helps in identifying areas for improvement and ensuring sales targets are achieved.
  1. Efficient team collaboration: With Assistive's CRM, sales reps can collaborate effortlessly, share information, seek assistance, and work towards common goals irrespective of their physical location. This promotes synergy and collective success within the team.
  1. Customizable dashboards: Assistive allows sales reps to create personalized dashboards tailored to their sales needs. These customizable dashboards facilitate easy tracking of important metrics and key performance indicators. Additionally, senior management can access reports on their mobile devices, enabling them to stay informed and make informed decisions on the go.

Harnessing the power of Assistive CRM ensures that sales reps and teams unlock seamless workflows and heightened productivity, ultimately driving significant improvements in their bottom line.


In conclusion, in today's rapidly evolving sales landscape, sales reps- whether in the field or working remotely - cannot afford to overlook the importance of a robust CRM solution like Assistive. By leveraging Assistive, sales reps can navigate challenges with ease, build strong customer relationships, and achieve their sales objectives more efficiently. Embrace Assistive today and witness the transformative impact it can have on your sales endeavors.