Improving Customer Engagement: Why Your Field Force Needs a CRM Software

June 9, 2023

AI has been a life-saver since its invention and is continuing to deepen its roots in various industries with an expected annual growth rate of 37.3% from 2023 to 2032 according to Forbes.  

Regardless of the type of Industry, every work organization has people who have the responsibility of driving the lead generation and sales regularly on the field. Yes, they are the field force and AI has been proven to be a game changer for them as well.

What is field force Management?

Let us know about the showstopper of this blog, Field Force  

Whilst managing schedules with different customers, traveling to different locations, keeping track of sales and customer service, and of course completing targets on time. What if most of this was done with minimum effort?

It is true for most of the leading companies that have embedded sales CRM Software and have seen increased revenue. With a quick read to this blog, you will get to know what you need to do to know it all.

Loaded with work?  

Leverage Sales CRM Software and automate your field force management task.

Do you know the importance of CRM Software?  

Are you aware that sales CRM Software can empower your field force and manage the sales team effectively?  

How Can Sales CRM Software empower field force?

Do you want your company to increase Return on Investment? But not sure how to do that.  Then, read this blog about how sales CRM software can enhance your business productivity. Here are some advantages of CRM software:

Enhanced productivity: By utilizing CRM software, businesses can streamline and automate several time-consuming tasks such as data entry, appointment scheduling, and report generation.

Increased sales: CRM software can help field force personnel identify sales opportunities and manage their sales pipeline more effectively. By tracking customer interactions and analyzing data, they can prioritize their efforts and focus on high-value prospects, leading to increased sales.  

Enhanced customer experience: CRM software can provide a centralized database of customer information, allowing field force personnel to access customer data quickly and easily.

Real-time data: CRM software can provide real-time data on field force activities, such as task completion status, customer interactions, and inventory levels.

Better task management: CRM software can help field force personnel manage their tasks more efficiently by providing automated reminders, task lists, and calendars.

Master Data Management: CRM Software can provide with managing of the master data that can help your sales team to manage their functions productively.

Assistive CRM: Master Data Management

Better collaboration: CRM software can facilitate collaboration between field force personnel and other teams, such as sales, marketing, and customer service.

Improved analytics: CRM software can provide data analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing managers to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and identify areas for improvement.

Improved reporting: CRM software can provide detailed reports on field force activities, such as customer visits, task completion rates, and sales performance.

Enhanced mobility: CRM software can be accessed from mobile app, allowing field force personnel to manage their tasks and access customer information on-the-go.

Field teams can access information with a click

Cost savings: By automating manual processes and optimizing field force operations, CRM software can help organizations save time and reduce costs. Checkout the pricing of Assistive CRM Software

Assistive CRM Software includes all features of Field Force Management that will maximize the productivity of the Field force personnel to know more refer to

Now that you have absolute knowledge of Field force automation and how it provides Field Team Discipline, Task assignment, Journey Planning, Data authenticity and Visibility of Field Operations keeping the field first.  

Newest Trends in Automation For Field Force Management

Today’s market scenarios tick away as quickly as a client changes its decisions, so it is important to stay in the game following the newest trends the earliest.

Here are some trends in field force automation that you need to know before new changes replace them.

Certainly, here are some of the latest trends in automation for field force management by CRM software providers:

AI and Machine Learning: Many CRM software providers are incorporating AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning into their solutions to automate repetitive tasks and improve decision-making. For instance, AI can be utilized to analyze customer data and provide personalized recommendations to field force personnel.

Mobile-First Approach: With the increasing use of mobile devices, CRM software providers are adopting a mobile-first approach to field force management. This enables field force personnel to access information and manage tasks from anywhere, improving productivity and responsiveness.

Integration with Other Systems: To provide a more comprehensive solution, CRM software providers are integrating their solutions with other systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and SCM (Supply Chain Management). This allows for seamless data exchange and improved coordination between different departments.

These trends aim to improve efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Additionally, they are likely to shape the future of field force management.

Struggling with Field force management- Guide for Managers

Managers are the binding forces of any organization and with the width of tasks associated with field force management, it becomes stressful to keep track, and take timely and informed decisions ad hence it is of utmost importance to introduce automation in field force management.

Centering the focus on managers, the following blog will allow you to understand how the tasks, you as a manager of a field force can do efficiently.

As a sales manager, you understand the importance of sales team productivity and the challenges that come with managing a sales team effectively.  

However, what if I told you that there is a solution that can help you improve your business sales team productivity and streamline your sales process? That solution is sales CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

Sales CRM software can help you manage your sales team more effectively by providing a centralized platform for lead management, sales pipeline management, sales team collaboration, and reporting and analytics.  

By using sales CRM software, you can track the progress of each lead, identify bottlenecks, and prioritize leads based on their potential to convert into customers. This can help your sales team work more efficiently and close deals faster, resulting in increased revenue for your business.

Importance of CRM Software in Field Force Management

CRM software is an excellent sales assistant tool that automates field force management and help managers overcome the struggles they face. Here's how:

Real-time Visibility

Managers often struggle to have complete visibility over their field force, which can lead to a lack of accountability and productivity. CRM software provides real-time visibility into the field force's activities, making it easier for managers to track their performance and productivity.

Efficient Scheduling

Scheduling the field force can be a challenge, especially when there are multiple territories to cover. Managers often struggle to create efficient schedules that maximize productivity. Managerial assists allow managers to access the highest priority action items using the Assistive mobile app. This means that managers do not have to spend time reading reports or doing review meetings. Instead, they can focus on acting and coaching their team to improve their sales performance.

Specialized Training

Field force employees often require specialized training to perform their job effectively. Managers often struggle to provide this training, which can lead to lower productivity and increased turnover. By analyzing hundreds of deals and thousands of customer interactions that team members are working on, Assistive's machine learning, peer analysis, context, and location awareness features provide managers with valuable information to help their team win deals and coach them on skills.

Real-time Performance Tracking

Managers often struggle to track the performance of their field force in real time. This can lead to missed opportunities for improvement and decreased productivity. Managers can get valuable insights and information with Managerial assists, so they can quickly identify areas that need attention and take action to improve sales performance.

Efficient Routing

Routing the field force to their assigned territories can be a challenge. Managers often struggle to create efficient routes that minimize travel time and maximize productivity. By analyzing each team member's schedule, location, and customer visits, the route optimization feature provides the most efficient route for each team member to take, saving time and reducing travel costs.

Improved Customer Service

Managers often struggle to provide excellent customer service due to the remote nature of their field force. This can lead to decreased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Managerial Assist allows managers to access customer data in real time, enabling them to provide better customer service and increase customer satisfaction in reduced time.

And here you can see a display of how Assistive CRM managerial assists eases your life as a field force manager.

The field force team can check their deal status easily


It's clear that field force management is a critical aspect of any organization that relies on sales and customer service. With the help of CRM software and automation, field force personnel can improve their efficiency, increase sales, enhance customer experience, and manage their tasks more effectively. Additionally, the latest trends in automation for field force management, such as AI and machine learning, mobile-first approach, predictive analytics, and integration with other systems, are likely to shape the future of field force management. For managers, CRM software can provide real-time visibility, efficient scheduling, specialized training, real-time performance tracking, efficient routing, and improved customer service. With all these benefits, it's no wonder that the adoption of CRM software and automation in field force management is on the rise.

And what’s better than CRM Software, which is a solution to all your difficulties? Don’t delay the transformation of your field force and try Assistive CRM for free today.