The Benefits of Assistive CRM for Healthcare Providers: A Case Study of Medfin

May 11, 2023

Medfin is a leading healthcare company that offers the latest surgical procedures at affordable prices. Thanks to technological advancement, Medfin can provide you access to minimally invasive surgeries without impacting quality. With Medfin, you can get the best of both worlds - advanced healthcare and cost-effectiveness.


Medfin was looking for a sales CRM software which could help them in managing leads and customers effectively. With their active CRM solution some of the issues they were facing:  

  • Losing various leads    
  • Issues in sending and receiving communications  
  • Managing and adding task  
  • No centralization of system  
  • Lack in analytical insights  
  • Expensive cost of customizations  


How did we help Medfin in resolving their challenges?

Medfin is a leading healthcare services company was looking to improve their sales process and get better insights into how they could do it. Here are some of the ways Assistive team helped them to solve their issues:

  • Assistive’s team of experts helped Medfin in resolving their challenges with our sales CRM solution that is specially designed for their business needs.
  • In just two days after the first call, the CRM solution configuration and demo were done and the free POC started for better problem solving and understanding.  
  • Assistive’ s CRM infinite configuration feature made it easy to manage all of Medfin' s customizations.  
  • A dedicated Program Manager allocation and complete implementation along with the required workflow automations within two weeks were done by our experienced team of experts.  
  • Comprehensive training session for complete CRM tool knowledge to the users and admin session ensuring product awareness were conducted by our expert team of trainers.  
  • Customized and intuitive dashboards where they can generate, in depth analytical reports were developed on Medfin’ sas per their requirements.  
  • Custom Assists for measuring sales performance were created by our expert team of developers based on their requirements.

Why Medfin chose Assistive CRM?

  • Affordable platform
  • Flexible with high levels of customization options
  • DIY configurations available
  • High-quality services and support
  • Fast implementation without third-party services


A clean, managed centralized automated filed CRM with advance analytical insights  The management now had full visibility into sales pipeline, manage tasks better, planning their day, and fulfill objectives  Real-time communication to the backend team through Emails Assists features helped team to improve their business productivity by 10X  Daily hurdle calls are now easy with the ML based Assists and their team now has complete visibility of their sales metrics.


Prashanth Lobo, Head B2B, Medfin: Great experience with team Assistive, the  sales management app is very convenient to use. It allows me to do day-to-day activities through my phone and manage the team. The interface is easy to navigate, and I find everything I need quickly. The team at Assistive seemed professional and timely approachable and happy to respond quickly and easy to work with, the team I dealt with during my first experience was Insightful responsive, and upbeat received everything with good standards with nothing much trouble. Overall, it’s an all-in-one product customizable according to one’ s need. Great teamwork.