Assistive for Visual Merchandising Management at Tata DOCOMO

September 14, 2022

Tata DOCOMO, a leading telecom company, needed to improve the governance of visual merchandising operations in outlets selling its recharge cards and coupons. The objective was to digitize the planning and execution of merchandising in the field on a real-time basis while sharing collected data with reporting managers through interactive reports and dashboards.

Assistive CRM Approach

Assistive, our in-house mobile-based sales CRM solution, was the perfect fit for the client's requirement. Built with a focus on process compliance monitoring and streamlining of field reporting, it improved visual merchandising governance in the following ways:

  • Tracking of attendance and daily working of all users
  • GPS tagging of retail outlets across geography
  • Specific reports to measure beat plan compliance
  • Sample-based audits of attendance and merchandising photographs
  • The key highlights of the user experience were as follows:
  • Mobile app user interface designed to suit user workflow
  • App made available in both Hindi and English language
  • Hierarchy-based visibility to stakeholders
  • Built-in analytics catalog featuring 100+ pre-designed reports for actionable insights


Assistive successfully fulfilled the client's requirements and helped them gain complete visibility into their visual merchandising operations. The key highlights were as follows:

  • Higher focus on compliance and discipline
  • Real-time tracking of field execution aided quicker deployment of marketing campaigns
  • Actionable reports and analytics enabled in-time course corrections
  • Improved retail execution and merchandising through streamlined processes

Overall, Assistive CRM helped Tata DOCOMO improve their visual merchandising management process and increase sales efficiency through real-time tracking and actionable insights.