Automation of Visual Merchandising Operations for Idea Mobiles

September 14, 2022


The client, a leading player in the telecom sector, wanted to standardize and monitor its visual merchandising operations in the retail outlets selling its recharge cards and coupons. The requirement was to automatize the planning and collect the execution level data from the field on a real time basis. The collected data was to be shared with respective reporting managers through interactive reports and dashboards.


The key activities in project execution were as follows:

  • Assistive, our in-house mobile based field force automation platform, was configured as per client’s requirement. A module for planogram audits was developed from scratch and included in the solution.
  • Next step was ensuring user acceptance as the target users were not used to working on an app for day to day tasks. To achieve this local sessions were held to train the users which included a walk-through of the entire application.
  • Post launch, our team members accompanied selected users in the field in order to identify any issues in the application so that they could be fixed quickly.
  • The solution was launched across the geography and a helpdesk was set-up to assist the users.


Assistive was successful in meeting the requirements of the client. The key highlights were as follows:

  • All visual merchandising operations in the circle were digitized along with proofs of execution
  • Merchandiser salary and incentive were directly linked to the attendance and execution data from the app resulting in complete accountability of operations
  • Actionable data being shared on a daily basis with all the stakeholders ensured in-time course corrections