Maximizing Sales Efficiency: A Comprehensive Look at How Assistive Field Sales CRM Software Helped a Leading PSU Bank

September 14, 2022

Bank of Baroda Global Shared Services (BGSS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank of Baroda. The company has aggressive expansion plans in India for its Banking loan process. BGSS required a secure CRM tool to automate their sales process and increase the productivity of their sales executives.    

Why did BGSS choose Assistive over other Field CRM Tools?

Here are some of the reasons BGSS choose Assistive CRM over other sales CRM:

  • Unlimited customization based on the requirements
  • Quick deployment of all required sales CRM features
  • Bank grade security features  

Need of a Field CRM Software

BGSS bank was looking for a solution that would allow them to scale their field sales teams and give them the flexibility and security they needed. They needed a field CRM software that could meet the workflow and expansion needs of over 5000 users and be secure.

The bank had tried several CRM software before, but none had been able to meet their needs. The last one they tried was very expensive and didn't offer any kind of security or customization options. The team at Assistive realized that this was an opportunity--they could help this client get what they needed without having to pay for it!

Field CRM Solution By Assistive

Assistive team worked with the client on a plan that would meet their needs while still being cost-effective and secure. They took care of all the implementation details so that this project would run smoothly from start to finish--no surprises!

The Field Sales CRM application by Assistive was a much-needed addition to the bank's in-house CRM system. The application was designed to meet the workflow and expansion needs of over 5000 users.

The bank needed a solution that could ensure the security of its data and be deployed quickly and easily. The team at Assistive worked closely with the client to deliver on this goal. They integrated Assist features within house systems and customized as per need to track leads at each step, monitoring resources with OTP Authentication.  

Our CRM app is designed for both on-the-go use and desktop access, so it can be used by employees at any time of day. The app allows users to track their leads, manage their sales funnel and monitor resources' activity within the system. It also gives them access to all of their account information in one place--something no other CRM system can offer.

The Field Force Automation team at Assistive worked closely with the client over several months on this project before delivering a fully functional solution that meets all their needs while providing security and ease of use for both internal staff and customers alike.


With thorough planning, execution, and documentation a sustainable Field Force Automation solution was delivered. The mobile CRM application by Assistive was much appreciated by client--the App was configured, and resources were able to access in a single round of training. The simple 360 sales funnel dashboard access had all the data visibility of client with overall activities on leads and actions planned.

Assistive has been working with this client for nearly 6 months now--and with 750+ users on board already! They plan on hitting 1500+ users by 2022 end; this is just one example of how we've helped clients grow exponentially!