Field CRM for an Indian Eye Hospital Group

September 14, 2022

A renowned Indian eye hospital chain was looking for tried and tested field CRM solution for its entire customer acquisition team including Corporate Sales, Marketing, Medical Tourism and Recovery. They are quite a reputed brand name in north India offering multiple eye specialty services across many hospitals in different states. Different teams are responsible for meeting different types of clients such as Chemists, Opticals, Doctors, RWAa, Corporates, Patients etc. and the working for each type of clients are significantly different. The requirement was to automate all such activities using a single CRM solution so that the top management can have an eagle-eye view on the working of all type of employees through a single dashboard. Even after spending good amount of effort in finding that right solution, client was not able to find a to software which will solve their problem and that is when they approached Assistive.


It was definitely one of the most challenging field CRM implementations because of the variation of workflow required for different type of app users. The other big challenge was to consolidate all such different types of data in a single dashboard. But Assistive team was up to the challenge as we knew that we have a product which is highly configurable, an engineering team which can deliver new product features real quick and a powerful Data Analytics tool which can process highly complicated dataset as per requirement. Some of the key steps taken to meet client’s end objective are as follows:

  • Multiple rounds of discussion with senior stakeholders to finalize the app workflow and reporting requirement
  • All additional custom developments were identified and categorized into two phases basis the priority
  • Implementation, which includes master data validation, upload and workflow configurations, and the custom development started parallelly in order to meet the timeline committed to client
  • User friendly mobile app workflow was configured to capture daily attendance, camp details, customer details, meeting notes, follow-up activities etc. App workflows were further customized depending on the account type.
  • Exhaustive trainings were conducted to ensure no hiccups post launch
  • An interactive dashboard was created to show all relevant summarized information including daily attendance summary, camp days, average activity count by employees, type of activities etc.
  • Regular progress report in terms of system usage was shared with client to drive the adoption


Successful implementation of Assistive field CRM solution yielded significant results for the company within few months of going live. The key highlights are as follows:

  • Total accounts crossed 10,000 mark within first three months of go-live
  • 25% increase in the average activity per employee was registered
  • Thanks to intuitive app workflow and drive from the Assistive Customer Success team, mobile app adoption reached 95% in second month itself
  • Automation of lot of repetitive work ensured that customer acquisition team could spend more time interacting with the customers which resulted in business growth
  • Visibility of meeting details helped in planning follow-up steps for each account
  • An all-important dashboard enabling key stakeholders to make important decisions