Field CRM for an Indian Fresh Juice Start-up

September 14, 2022

Imagine is a fresh cold-pressed juice brand launched in mid of 2017 by the Delhi based start-up Fresh Foods Concepts. Once they were ready with an array of high quality products to offer to increasingly health conscious Indian customers, they wanted to ensure each and every aspect of retail execution is properly tracked through a highly sophisticated field CRM Solution. They wanted to have a real-time visibility of the tertiary sales and retail stock of 300+ modern trade outlets in Delhi/ NCR where all 15 variety of their juices are available. At the same time, they wanted to capture status of in-store merchandising, feedback about stores and store managers, major competition activities and demographic data of their customers. They also wanted the same solution to be used by their sales officers to add new outlets, take orders and capture market visit data from existing outlet. And after evaluating many available field CRM solutions, they selected Assistive to help their business make a success.


The benefits of a completely config driven system was best realized the client during the implementation. Within a week of the signing the contract, the system was live and the sales team were sitting in a room to undergo training of Assistive CRM app. Some of the key steps taken to meet client’s end objective are as follows:

  • One long meeting with client to explain master data requirement and the formats so that 100% correct data is received on the very first go
  • Implemented geo-tagged and time-stamped attendance feature to track promoter discipline
  • Rolled out an easy and intuitive tertiary sales reporting workflow to capture units sold for each SKU
  • Daily stock reporting of all 15 SKUs to flash out a report of out-of-stock and critical stock SKUs
  • Configured custom activities for promoters to capture in-store merchandising, store feedback, competition activity and customer demographic information
  • Configured an app workflow for Sales Officers to add new outlets from the field, capture secondary orders and report market visit data at a regular frequency
  • Configured an app workflow for Sales Managers as well to report market visit data
  • An interactive dashboard was created to show all relevant summarized information including daily sales, SKU-wise trend, stock alerts, visit data by sales officers / sales managers etc.


With successful implementation of Assistive CRM, client started getting real time visibility of their retail execution and was enabled with quick decision making in terms of future expansion and product strategy. The key highlights are as follows:

  • Complete visibility in terms of discipline and hygiene of the sales force
  • Real-time tracking of tertiary sales and outlet level stock information ensuring quick replenishment
  • Automation of lot of daily tasks of the sales team freeing them up to focus more on sales
  • Visibility of in-store merchandising which is of prime importance for any new brand
  • Feedback about store and store managers helped in maintaining good relationship with the modern trade retail chains
  • Customer demographic data helped in deciding future product strategy
  • Quick auctioning based on the real-time email alerts and reports resulting in increased operational efficiency
  • Most importantly significant expansion in Delhi/NCR in terms of presence in the major retail chains leading to a smooth expansion in other cities in the near future