Assistive Field CRM: The Perfect Solution for Streamlining Sales Processes in the Indian Mobile Accessories Industry

September 14, 2022

A budding mobile accessories brand, which is still in its early days but growing at a very fast pace, was looking for a field CRM solution to manage its pan-India sales operations. With a significant product portfolio (100+ SKUs across 10 categories) and gradual expansion in tier 2 cities as well, they were looking for one single CRM solution to manage and streamline its field sales operations process.  The final objectives of this automation initiative were:

  • Ensuring discipline of the sales team (Sales Executives and RSMs) in terms of retailer visits and working hours
  • Real-time visibility of secondary orders for each SKU
  • Tracking retailer stock and order fulfilment status
  • Quick expansion with continuous retailer addition
  • In-store merchandising deployment and recce for other branding requirement
  • Easy and quick access to sales data and employee performance data


Thanks to our experience working with leading players in this space and to the numerous config options Assistive CRM comes with, implementation team was ready for a quick roll-out. The key activities in project execution were as follows:

  • Master data requirement was explained to client stakeholder in detail and the same was uploaded in system without much hassle
  • Workflows for different roles were customized using different configuration options and client signed off the same on the very first go
  • Implemented geo-tagged and time-stamped attendance feature to track discipline of Sales Executives and RSMs
  • Rolled out an easy and intuitive sales reporting workflow to capture units sold by SKU along with display of on-going schemes on specific products
  • Implemented other mobile app workflow such as daily stock reporting, order fulfilment tracking and adding new outlets
  • Optional activities such as merchandising deployment, recce measurement etc. were also configured during initial launch
  • Developed advanced dashboard to track real-time sales and fulfilment data and monthly trend by SKU and region
  • ‘Train the Trainer’ model was followed for a quick roll-out in all geographies
  • User activity was closely monitored to quickly address usability issues and constraints leading to a rapid adoption of the system


With successful implementation of Assistive CRM, client could get complete visibility and insight of its sales operations all across the country. The key highlights are as follows:

  • Significant improvement in discipline and hygiene of the sales force
  • Significant increase in the retailer database as sales team was able to add new outlets easily through the app
  • Distributors started getting order details without any delay which helped them to improve fulfilment timeline
  • Automation of lot of daily tasks of the sales team freeing them up to focus more on sales
  • Quick replenishment of stock based on out-of-stock / critical stock information
  • Managers focusing more on course correction and strategic decisions rather than collating data over WhatsApp or E-mail
  • Quick auctioning based on the real-time email alerts and reports resulting in increased operational efficiency