Field CRM Solution for a Leading Cement Company

September 14, 2022

Ambuja Cements Limited is an Indian major cement producing company. With a market capitalization of more than INR 28,000 crores this makes them one of India’s leading cement producers.

The cement industry is a price sensitive market and the rates keep fluctuating almost every day. It becomes even more important for companies like Ambuja to have its field presence in every possible region.

With sales usually coming via push strategy, it is very crucial for Ambuja to know its competitors pricing, schemes and promotions.

Our client being a global giant, they were using a world-renowned CRM solution for managing their field activities.

Problem Statement

Ambuja wanted to automate their existing field sales transaction capturing. The priority was for receiving the Sales data in real time and in actionable format. The requirement was for a solution which was highly user friendly, which could provide visibility and speak to multiple system in the Ambuja universe to help the field team in their daily activities.

Our Solution

Assistive delivered the same with its best in class field CRM solution. Below are the modules provided keeping in line with requirements,

  • To manage attendance and daily reporting via field CRM App
  • To create Journey Plan via mobile phones
  • To take informed decision i.e. ability to access dealer history and other info on the go
  • To provide user friendly Order Management System integrated with SAP
  • To have the ability to communicate dealer specific Target and schemes.
  • To Capture the competitor pricing on a real time basis.
  • To have the ability to work offline mode and record data without any glitch even in remotest of location.
  • To have access to best in class cutting edge data analytics and visibility for better decision making.


  • Management has full visibility of market working of sales officers in terms of daily coverage, JCP status etc.
  • Management also has full visibility of business metrics such as sales, competition price, outstanding information etc.
  • Sales officers started performing all data entries such as market information, order, JCP planning using mobile app, saving huge time for the company and increasing productivity
  • Sales officers now have access to all critical business information such as credit limit, outstanding, order status, invoice details etc. on the go in their mobile
  • Assistive team pulled of herculean effort to complete the development and implementation in 45 days’ time.
  • The major focus was to avoid adoption issue and have a smooth transition from the old system to new CRM