Field Force Automation for Orient Electricals

September 14, 2022


The client, a leading electrical equipment brand, had the following requirements:

  • Digitization and monitoring of end-to-end operations of its field salesmen right from daily attendance to stock taking and order capture
  • Better visibility into operation of stores selling its appliances
  • Better visibility into geographical coverage by the field team and identification of gaps for corrective action


Assistive, our in-house sales force automation solution with a mobile app, was the perfect fit for the client’s requirement. Built with a focus on process compliance monitoring and streamlining of field reporting, it enabled processes in the following manner:    

  • The salesmen marked their attendance in the CRM app along with a selfie which was validated using GPS coordinates and time stamp
  • Within an outlet, salesmen captured the available stock in the app which helped in calculating the sell-out rates and measuring the quality of order captured. The solution was also used to capture replenishment orders from the outlets.
  • Custom reports and email alerts were created to bridge the gap between order collection through field CRM app and order generation through ERP system


The solution was successful in meeting the requirements of the client and the key highlights were as follows:

  • The entire secondary sales operations were digitized which resulted in actionable visibility into the data. The data collected had better reliability as well due to the checks and balances integrated into the app.
  • The geo-tagging feature of the CRM app provided valuable data on the geographical spread of the field sales team, enabling identification and plugging of the gaps.
  • The resultant benefits improved the client operations to such an extent that the system was rolled out over multiple product teams in course of time.