Assistive Field CRM: The Key to Pioneer Adhesives INC.'s Sales Growth

August 29, 2022

Pioneer Adhesives INC. is a Filipino-owned manufacturing and distribution company whose vision is to be an elite adhesives and construction solution provider. The company was looking for a field CRM to track and manage their employees.  


Before Assistive, they were using other CRM automation tool which requires manual data-entry due to which managing leads was difficult and slowed down sales process.  They were unable to track end-to-end sales funnel of field activities for making strategic decisions. Overall, there was a lacking in transparency and accountability.  

Solutions By Assistive  

Automation Tool to Increase Efficiency

Assistive CRM has helped Pioneer Adhesives INC., by automating their lead management and tracking process. Now, the company can automatically capture, enriched and distribute leads among team members. With our sales automation tool, their sales team get more time to focus on engagement and productivity.  

360-Degree Sales Visibility

With Assistive CRM, Pioneer Adhesives INC., can track the journey of leads from capture to conversion. Also, they can now view the status of lead within a click.  

Increased Business Productivity

Assistive has helped Pioneer sales reps to plan their day productively with customized dashboard. The automatic notifications ensure that sales team never miss important client meetings and follow-ups.  


Implementing Assistive CRM helped Pioneer automate their sales and lead management. The geo-tagging functionality helped them to maintain discipline in their sales team. This has facilitated optimized workflows and strategic decisions.