Revolutionizing Sales Management: How Field Force Automation Transformed a Renowned Healthy Snacks Brand

September 14, 2022

According to the Research and Markets – “The India Snack Market will be more than INR 1B by end of 2024”.
The emerging health trend and changing taste of the millennial's is one of the biggest reason of this forecast of boost in healthy snacks market.
There are large number of players in this market - Ranging from big multinational giants to a small vendor who serve only in a particular city.
Every one wants to tap this market to the best of ability and in that hunt the client reached out to us in search of a robust solution to manage its feet on street employees.

Problem Statement

The main aim of the client was to focus more on the push sales and implement a sales force automation solution which doesn’t only help in increasing the productivity of the employee but also give clear visibility to the management in terms of new market penetration, increase in sales and ensuring discipline of sales staff.

Our Approach

  • Multiple rounds of discussions took place with the management of the company to define the workflow of the application that fits their need the best.
  • Complete Master Data including User details, Distributor details, retailer details along with their mapping was done.
  • Different market working activities were created to track the visibility of their products on the shelf of retailers.
  • Intensive training session were conducted such that each user becomes aware of the activities that are needed to be performed by them.
  • Timely reports were shared on daily/weekly basis with the management such that they remain up to date regarding activities taking place in the market.


  • There was an increase in outlet count by 120% within 5 months of implementing the solution.
  • Target Vs Achievement reports helped the management to incentivize the highest performing executives.
  • With daily beat planning in advance and visibility of days summary relationships with retailers improved drastically.
  • Geo tagged attendance and activities helped in improving the discipline of the salespeople in the market.