Sales Force Automation for a Leading Baby Products Brand

August 29, 2022

A baby product manufacturing company, which has been in business since 1982 and has a workforce of over 150 employees, required a new CRM software vendor to meet their modern-day demands. Their existing vendor was unable to provide the required solutions. The company has a strong presence in the PAN India market and operates a comprehensive Field Sales Team covering all regions.

Problem Statement

The sales reports generated did not meet the required standards, and the company was incurring additional costs with each new report. The Field Sales Team did not have access to In-App reports, which hindered their ability to make informed decisions while visiting outlets. The company did not offer customer care support in regional languages to end-users.

Solution By Assistive

  • In September 2019, we contacted the company director and arranged a meeting in Bengaluru to present how we could resolve their issues.
  • We engaged in multiple rounds of discussions with the directors to review the flow of the application and suggested ways to capture competitor activities, which were prerequisites.
  • Assistive CRM assists feature improve the user experience and provide detailed field sales reports.
  • Customized training was provided to help the support team overcome regional language challenges.
  • Our CS experts provide live training to field executives in all regions, streamlining their processes.


Initially, the company was hesitant about using our reports and support services, but they decided to try it out with a small group of users in November 2019. By February, they had implemented our field CRM application across India and have since received positive feedback from other companies.

They now have access to total calls, productive calls, units sold, and total value across the company. The application also allows employees to filter data by employee, month, city, and store type. Employees can easily enter their claims, and company-wide employee expenses are visible in a single report with respective categories.

Sales managers can now make primary sales and appoint distributors while taking note of basic parameters. Our CRM application is now used by 100% of the employees for day-to-day transactions, a significant increase from the previous CRM solution's acceptability rate of over 90%.