Sales Force Automation for a Leading FMCG Distributor in Morocco

September 14, 2022

GSI Group, one of the leading distributors for FMCG and Beverage brands in Morocco, is responsible for distribution management of some of the well-known brands such as Unilever Foods, Lipton, Knorr, Bavaria, Power Horse etc. With increasing business volume and steady growth in number of sales men, it was getting imperative for them to enable their field team with a cutting edge SFA solution. Primary objective was to:

  • Keep a track on new outlet penetration
  • Categorize and classify outlets properly and regularly
  • Have a visibility on orders and sales men productivity
  • Enable delivery team map-based outlet location for faster fulfillment


When our partner based out of North Africa approached us with the problem statement, we knew all of the client objectives can be met using our SFA solution after doing few customizations in the solution. Challenge was to make the system ready quickly for the go-live demanded by the client. However, Assistive team was up to that challenge and made a successful go-live in just one week. Some of the steps taken during the implementation process are:

  • Multiple conference calls with client and partner stakeholders to understand their business process, problem statements and end objectives
  • Separate workflows were implemented for Sales Men and Delivery team
  • Multiple customized workflows were configured to cater to need of dynamic retailer classification (basis high traffic area, premium neighborhood, presence of leading brands, sell of high value products etc.) and sampling information
  • All the master data such as different brands and their SKUs, existing outlet master, their categorization etc. were uploaded as per requirement
  • An interactive dashboard was created to show all relevant summarized and detailed information related to visit, productivity, penetration etc.


Successful implementation of our SFA solution yielded significant results for the company within two months of going live. The key highlights are as follows:

  • Close to 6,000 new outlets were added within first four weeks of the system going live
  • Daily planning of Sales Men and Delivery team ensured a much more disciplined and productive sales force on the field
  • Real-time visibility of market visits and productivity across 8 major cities of Morocco helped in deciding future growth plans
  • Improvement in delivery timeline because of Google map enabled location tracking of the retail outlets
  • Proper categorization of retail outlets across different categories such as Large / Medium / Small Grocery, Tobacconist and Kiosks
  • Quick auctioning based on the real-time reports resulting in increased operational efficiency