Sales Force Automation: The Key to Phillips' Success in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Kuwait

September 14, 2022

As Philips was aggressively penetrating into different Middle East countries, they were in need of a centralized solution to get a real-time visibility of what’s happening at the stores. In order to achieve the desired growth, it was particularly important for them to track promoter discipline, daily sales, out-of-stock SKUs and own share-of-shelf compared against competition. And most importantly they wanted one standardized solution for all four countries – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and UAE and a highly interactive dashboard which will enable them to take quick actions.


Multi-country implementations are always challenging and bring in additional complexities. However, flexible workflow and numerous configuration options available in Assistive gave us the confidence to take up the challenge. Some of the key steps taken to meet client’s end objective are as follows:

  • Held multiple meetings with key stakeholders of different countries to understand their pain areas
  • Implementing geo-tagged and time-stamped attendance feature to track promoter discipline
  • Rolling out an easy and intuitive sales reporting workflow to capture units sold for each SKU along with unit price
  • Weekly stock reporting of focused SKUs to flash out a report of out-of-stock SKUs
  • Customized workflow to capture count open and shelf display of not only Philips products, but also of its competition
  • Developing an interactive dashboard to get a quick snapshot of promoter performance, monthly sales trend across different product categories, month on month average selling price and percentage share of shelf
  • A dedicated support team to ensure quick resolution of any queries coming from any of the countries


The customized Assistive implementation successfully fulfilled requirements of the clients and helped the client gain complete store level visibility from all four countries – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and UAE. The key highlights are as follows:

  • Significant improvement in promoter discipline and hygiene
  • Automation of lot of daily tasks of the promoters freeing them up to focus more on sales
  • Managers focusing more on course correction and strategic decisions rather than collating data over WhatsApp or E-mail
  • Quick replenishment of stock based on out-of-stock and share-of-shelf data
  • An all-important dashboard enabling key stakeholders to make important decisions