Sales Force Automation Solution for one of Leading Cement Producers

August 29, 2022

The Indian cement industry is the second largest in the world and contributes significantly to India's GDP. Most sales in the industry occur through two channels: Trade (Dealer-Retailer) and Non-Trade (Direct buyers). The Trade channel requires high inventory and visibility at dealers and retailers due to the push strategy and dynamic pricing of cement.

Problem Statement

A global cement company faced challenges managing its field activities due to the lag in data capturing with its online web-based CRM system. The biggest challenge the management faced was the availability and visibility of data on a real-time basis. Since it was an online web-based CRM system, the users were not using it while on the field, so there was always a lag in data capturing.

Our Solution

The company needed a solution that acted as a CRM and an SFA solution for its field force. Assistive delivered the same with its best-in-class SFA solution. The solution included modules for attendance management, journey planning, order management, and competitor pricing.


The new solution increased productivity and provided full visibility of business metrics. Sales officers started performing all data entries such as market information, order, and JCP planning using a mobile app, saving a huge time for the company and increasing productivity. Sales officers now have access to all critical business information such as credit limit, outstanding, order status, invoice details, etc. on the go in their mobile. Management has full visibility of the market working of sales officers in terms of daily coverage, JCP status, etc. Management also has full visibility of business metrics such as sales, competition price, outstanding information, etc. The Assistive team pulled off a herculean effort to complete the development and implementation in 45 days’ time. A dedicated team was deployed at the client location to handle field escalations. The major focus was to avoid adoption issues and have a smooth transition from the old system to the new solution.