Sales Force Automation: Empowering Sales Promoters in UAE

September 14, 2022

The Challenge

As HTC launched new smartphone models in the UAE market, they needed a centralized solution to get real-time visibility into retail outlets across different emirates and retail chains such as Lulu, Emax, and Carrefour. To achieve their desired growth, they required a solution to track promoter discipline, daily sales, and out-of-stock SKUs. Additionally, they needed a highly interactive dashboard and daily email-based automated reports to take quick actions.

Our Approach

Assistive's cloud-based Sales Force Automation solution was a perfect fit for HTC's requirements. However, the client was unsure if Assistive would meet all their needs and requested a two-month pilot to evaluate the solution. Our team quickly rolled out a pilot launch by effectively utilizing available configuration options and doing some minor customizations.

Key Activities in Project Execution

  • Held multiple web conferences with key stakeholders to understand their concerns with the retail sales team and what reports or alerts would be an immediate call to action for them
  • Implemented geo-tagged and time-stamped attendance feature to track promoter discipline
  • Rolled out an easy and intuitive sales reporting workflow to capture units sold for each SKU along with unit price
  • Weekly stock reporting of focused SKUs to flash out a report of out-of-stock SKUs
  • Developed an interactive dashboard to get a quick snapshot of promoter performance, and MTD Sales (both value and volume) across different models by emirates/retail chain and out-of-stock SKUs
  • Automated email reports were configured to send daily sales, attendance, and stock reports to supervisors and other stakeholders

The Outcome

The pilot implementation was quite successful as it helped the client gain complete store-level visibility in terms of promoter discipline, sales, and stock status. The pilot was converted into a full roll-out without any delay.

Key Highlights

  • Significant improvement in promoter discipline and hygiene
  • Automation of a lot of daily tasks of the promoters freeing them up to focus more on sales
  • Supervisors and managers focusing more on course correction and strategic decisions rather than collating data over WhatsApp or E-mail
  • Quick replenishment of stock based on out-of-stock/critical stock information
  • An all-important dashboard enabling key stakeholders to make important decisions

As the value addition was evident to HTC, they decided to use Assistive to monitor sales and promoter performance for their newly launched product HTC Vive (Virtual Reality Headgear) from day one.