Leading Ropes and Nets Manufacturer Boost Sales with Assistive CRM

August 29, 2022

Since 1992, our client has been a prominent manufacturer of ropes and nets with a diverse range of clients across various industries. They have successfully completed projects in marine and shipping, fishing and aquaculture, agriculture and horticulture, sports and recreational, industrial and safety, and commercial and retail sectors. However, the company was facing challenges in streamlining their sales process and providing effective support to their sales representatives to sell their solutions. They were in search of a solution that could assist them in optimizing their sales process and increasing their sales efficiency.

Problem Statement

The company had a system in place to monitor their distributors, but they lacked information on the retailers and where their products were being sold. There was no real-time data available on the field sales team, and the management had no visibility into their activities. The absence of insights on how retailers were benefiting from their products made it difficult for the management to make strategic decisions. Additionally, there was no tracking system for payment and orders from distribution. The company required a CRM tracking system to monitor the stock at the retail stores and gain insights into the movement of competitors' products.

Solution Provide by Assistive CRM Software

Our team collaborated with the Sales, HR, and IT departments of the client organization to provide a comprehensive solution. We proposed our advanced CRM software, specifically designed for sales force management, to streamline their retail sales operations. The software was highly customizable and could be easily integrated with their existing system. Within 30 days, we successfully rolled out the application and discussed the scope of integration with SAP to minimize manual work and reduce the chances of errors. After completing the requirement gathering process, we proceeded with the Master set-up, and within just 5 working days, the account was ready to go live.


  • The integration of Assistive CRM resulted in the creation of a database that facilitated critical reporting and improved ROI within three months.
  • Our Field first approach enabled the client to gain in-depth insights into their merchandising data from outlets.
  • The capabilities of Assistive CRM enhanced the sales cycle.
  • The advanced dashboard provided real-time data and visibility into average working hours, market hours, time spent in stores, time spent at each store, and total average visits per day.
  • The payment collection module enabled tracking of pending payments and provided management visibility for delayed payments.
  • We provided competitive analysis across different categories.
  • Catalog management improved with a better view of the top 5 and bottom 5 selling products across different territories.